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Example Mining .bat File

ccminer-x64 --algo=allium -o POOL -u ADDRESS -p PASSWORD --max-temp=85 pause

POOL: stratum+tcp://goldenloaves.xyz:3333

ADDRESS: Your garlicoin address

PASSWORD: Anything you want (will soon be used as your username in the worker list)

If you are a whale, it can sometimes be better to mine difficult chunks that are worth more, so you end up sending less confirmations over the network. If you think that might apply to you, use one of the other ports for your POOL.

POOL (default) (Difficulty 8): stratum+tcp://goldenloaves.xyz:3333

POOL (Difficulty 32): stratum+tcp://goldenloaves.xyz:3032

POOL (Difficulty 256): stratum+tcp://goldenloaves.xyz:3256

Workers Valid Shares Invalid Shares Total Blocks Pending Confirmed Orphaned Hash Rate
0 783706 6413 144 0 143 0 0.00 KH

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Golden Boye Rank Address Hash Rate

Hashrate Rank
100MH/s Leviathan
70MH/s Blue Whale
60MH/s Sperm Whale
50MH/s Humpback Whale
40MH/s Meglodon
30MH/s Whale Shark
20MH/s Giant Squid
10MH/s Killer Whale
5MH/s Great White Shark
2.5MH/s Minke Whale
1MH/s Beluga Whale
900KH/s Narwhal
700KH/s Manatee
550KH/s Walrus
400KH/s Leopard Seal
250KH/s Swordfish
100KH/s Dolphin
70KH/s Tuna
60KH/s Sardine
40KH/s Tiger Shrimp
20KH/s Guppie
0KH/s Krill


  • When someone makes a Garlicoin transaction, it gets added to a big list filled with lots of other transactions. When that list, or "block," gets large enough, it is ready to be mined. When the miners solve the block, all the transactions in the list are processed and get sent.

  • The blockchain is an unchangeable list that contains a record of every block that has ever been mined, which means it contains every transaction ever processed. Every solo miner or pool contains a copy of this list so if someone modifies their copy, the network is able to check their records and know not to trust them and their malicious changes.

  • Think of a block as having a password of varying difficulty attached to it which the miners are trying to crack. As soon as someone cracks the password, the block is solved. Miners aren't really working together to chip away at one single block that they will eventually solve, they are pooling their password cracking abilities to raise their chances of solving one of the many blocks that pass their way.

  • The difficulty of the block password to be cracked changes depending on the total network hash rate. The more miners there are, the more difficult it is to crack open the blocks. If there are very few miners the difficulty will be very low so that transactions can still be processed quickly.

  • It can be difficult to mine alone, because you may never get a block if your hash rate is too low. We mine together to raise our chances of solving blocks, and split the reward based on the amount of work each miner put into finding the block.

  • The lower hash rate of a small pool means that it will mine fewer blocks, but then with fewer miners to split with, the rewards are much greater per block. You'll usually end up making the same overall on a large or small pool, but sometimes small pools can have lucky streaks to put you ahead!

  • 50 Garlicoin.

  • It takes about an hour for the rest of the network to verify that the block has been solved legitimately.

  • When a block of transactions goes through, over half of the network has to verify that it is real and hasn't been tampered with. If one group owns over half the network, they can change the blockchain to do things like send coins that don't exist.

  • The GoldenLoaves.xyz discord bot will say something.

  • Sometimes the pool loses some hash rate and the difficulty can go up making it difficult to find blocks. Your contribution to finding the next block is safely recorded and you will be paid as soon as a block is found.

  • 69 Million, decided by community vote.

  • After some period of time, the block reward will be cut in half, making it take exponentially more time to reach the 69 Million coin cap.

  • Donation Address: Gf7nExbJ4k9f6p6mQZhRsjnWUGRBzqcDUW

    Pool address where block rewards go before being split between the miners: GgbfcKYQcKeaEUzzBUvjLETUGfMNaRakob